Dr. Peter C. Rogers, D.D., PhD.
"The truth is not out there somewhere...it's inside us!"

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I'm Dr. Peter C. Rogers, D.D., PhD. Founder of Truth Dynamics and author of Ultimate Truth: Book I. Universal Truth: Thinking outside the Box: Book II and the up and coming: 100 Disciplines to Higher Consciousness: A Conclusive Synopsis on Spiritual Principles.


About, Ultimate Truth: Book I

ULTIMATE TRUTH: Book I, dispels the prevalent myth within institutionalized religion about absolute truths. This new critical nonfiction from Dr. Peter C. Rogers reveals how most spiritual beliefs share common fundamental principles and how breaking free from the limitations of traditional religious beliefs can pave a personal path toward spiritual enlightenment.


ULTIMATE TRUTH: Book I, is the first volume of the 'TRUTH' series which examines commonalities between beliefs guiding towards spiritual enlightenment. In this book, Dr. Rogers, combines riveting, thought-provoking theories, philosophy and spiritual insights regarding humanity's divine nature and celestial origins. It was cultivated over 20 years of his life and influenced by a variety of experiences including;  formal education consisting of a Doctorate of Divinity (D.D.), in Spiritual Counseling, a Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences degree, (PhD), ministerial ordination, a spiritual practitioner certificate, ongoing prayer, pain, meditation, introspection, healing and varied readings.


Ultimate Truth: Book I lovingly explores the commonalities between all world religions instead of their differences. Dr. Rogers encourages readers to seek out their own unique, spiritual path, no matter how unorthodox it may seem, and realize a spirituality that coincides with readers' inner selves instead of running in conflict to it. It delves heavily in esoteric, new thought ancient wisdom and occult teachings that many are often unaware of or too afraid to accept. Written for the lay person, Dr. Rogers examines myriad concepts from theology to metaphysics, ancient teachings to contemporary ideas, religions from the East to the West, orthodox religions to the occult and everything in between. This book explores all facets of spirituality in hopes that the reader will absorb the information and decide which path is best for his or herself. Not necessarily pulling readers away from their previous beliefs, Ultimate Truth: Book I strengthens true belief and expands readers' consciousness into a broader, more rational concept of their faith.   


"Ultimate Truth: Book I's aim is to show readers how each individual has the innate ability to resolve and work out all forms of conflict within his or herself by acquiescing into a higher form of reality through spiritual principles, open-mindedness, introspection and emotional clearing," Rogers writes.


Ultimate Truth: Book I will shake the readers' foundation to the very core causing them to wonder why they've never been taught these things in school, in church or in society. By the same token, this book will be met with public ridicule, controversy and resistance by those who are living in fear still conditioned by dogmas and falsified doctrines.


We are living in a time where truth is our only salvation and the deception of the elite will no longer be tolerated by the masses. Our planetary consciousness is stirring and we as a race of Cosmic, Spiritual Beings are heeding the call of the Divine in our spirits and in our genetic memory code. As a collective whole, when one sees, we all see and when one awakens, we all awaken. This book is yet another piece of the awakening process for all those who look therein.


The only thing that now stands between you and a new way of life is You!--for a closed mind is a barrier against change. May your life be forever altered by the renewing of your mind and the liberation of your Spirit. 



About the Author

Dr. Peter C. Rogers is a Light-Worker, a Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister of Metaphysics and Spiritual Counselor. He is also the author of Ultimate Truth: Book I, Universal Truth: Thinking outside the Box: Book II, and his critically acclaimed book, 100 Disciplines to Higher Consciousness: A Conclusive Synopsis on Spiritual Principles, and his highly anticipated life chronicle, For Pete’s Sake: A Journey of Spiritual Liberation.  Dr. Rogers is a skilled lecturer and teacher of The Master Key System which is an ancient system of manifestation formulated by Charles F. Haanel over one hundred years ago. He has served as a columnist for the Infinite Field magazine as well as The Inner Child Magazine. He has been a guest on countless radio shows to present his unique brand of philosophy. In 2006, he formed a Non-Profit organization called P.E.L.S.A to assist people in overcoming all forms of addiction. In 2010, Dr. Rogers founded his spiritual counseling practice TRUTH Dynamics to help assist people in their quest for self-actualization. Dr. Rogers has been a student of Spirituality and Metaphysics for the past 25 years and in 2009, he received a Doctorate of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling as well as a Doctorate of Philosophy in Metaphysics from The University of Metaphysical Sciences. He currently resides in Long Beach California where he continues to devote his time and energy writing, lecturing and mentoring others on their spiritual journey toward self-realization.

For more information or to schedule a personal interview or speaking engagement, the author can be reached at drpeterrogers1@gmail.com or (323) 270-7737