Dr. Peter C. Rogers, D.D., PhD.
"The truth is not out there somewhere...it's inside us!"
Book Excerpts

Chapter 1: Different Truths About God


We are an energetic storehouse of power. As such; we are able to harness enough British Thermal Units (BTU) to keep an entire city charged for a week. Being one with the All-in-All, we are the whole amount of all that there is; the alpha and the omega of all things. We are the elusive God particle that physicists the world over have searched for. In our essence we are everything that is, was and forever will be. We are subservient to nothing and all is subservient to us through the Divine Intelligence that animates our being, illumes our consciousness, and lives and moves and has it being through us. Diamonds, rubies and pearls are our kinship and the qualities that we possess are far more precious than any other form of being. We are the envy of all inferior forms of existence through our God centered mind and Divine nature. We are the Absolute perfectly embodying the nature of all things.  We are the Divine emanation that pulsates through our radiance and all things are directly affected by our charisma. We leave an everlasting impression that registers on everything in our wake. Our sheer existence forces those in our company to raise their energy to meet that of our frequency. We are the All in everything because all that is in us is all that ever existed. We are the Absolute and the epitome of all things.  Emphatically, we 'are' the All-in-All carrying out existence on this planet through Creative Intelligence.

Divine Mind

Research is uncovering a fascinating connection between the Divine Mind and the nature of human consciousness, which involves layer within layer of frequency bands, each with its own conscious function. In reality, we are the off spring of the Divine Mind and the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. We are all chips off the old block when it comes to our Divinity.  Institutional religion would have us believe otherwise because it would then lose it's stronghold upon us. We live in a world where fear is pumped into the masses in order to keep us submissive and afraid. Stuart Wilde attest to this in The Art of Redemption (2007), when he says, that 'all of the rubbish about the shadow and the scary stuff we've been told was dished out to us like boiled cabbage at a school cafeteria. He says it was placed there to ensure that the secret to everything would be kept, and we would be paralyzed by fear and stay trapped in the matrix forever'. Once we come into the true awareness of our physiology and we start to understand that we are a spark of Divinity, we begin to take back our power. As such, we are a reflection of The Divine and we were created in Its image and likeness. We are able to create and produce just as It does. Sarah B. Dougherty says in 'Thoughts in a Divine Mind', (From Sunrise magazine, November 1979; copyright © 1979 Theosophical University Press), 'As reflections or sparks of the whole, all contain within themselves, evoked or unexpressed, the full potentials of their parent, which they seek to unfold in ever greater measure."

Chapter Two: Understanding Different Truths

In proverbs it says: Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get Understanding. The encyclopedia Wikipedia says that Thomas Edison believed the concept of Understanding comes from the two simple words under and stand. When one acknowledges that she/he stands below someone or something else, she/he makes him/herself receptive to obtain and retain information from it, thereby allowing for Understanding to occur. Another significant point of view holds that knowledge is the simple awareness of bits of information. Understanding is the awareness of the connection between the individual pieces of this information. It is Understanding which allows knowledge to be put to use. Therefore, Understanding represents a deeper level than simple knowledge.

Chapter Five: The Occult Truth

The word Occult is derived from the Latin word occultus which means clandestine, hidden, or secret. For the most part, it simply means 'hidden knowledge.' Since the beginning of time, Man has sought to conceal truth from the masses for fear of them rising to become as the gods. The bible depicts a scene in the proverbial Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve, were privy to all the trees in the garden with the exception of the "Tree of Knowledge." This is because once we posses knowledge, we become liberated from having to look to others for the truth for 'Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.' The best way to ever keep a people in bondage is by withholding the truth from them. The religious hierarchy has long since capitalized from withholding pertinent information from the masses. Many books were withheld from the bible and other religious text solely for the purpose of keeping people in the dark. In this regard; the Clergy sought to become the only ones 'in the know,' while others would have to put their trust in the high ranking members of  the church who could then manipulate truth in order to suit its own needs. In concealing the truth, many people felt that priests were the only members worthy of communicating with God. And since the true understanding of our relationship with the Divine was concealed, many of us felt obligated to seek spiritual understanding only by these means. Be that as it may; Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam are not considered the Occult. On the contrary, almost everything that isn't claimed by any of these major religions is considered to be the Occult.