Dr. Peter C. Rogers, D.D., PhD.
"The truth is not out there somewhere...it's inside us!"
Book Presentations

Spirituality cannot be taught.  To try and teach someone what it is to be spiritual denies the very nature of spirituality because it is unique to each individual. There is a rudimentary truth to all things and that truth is that we each must seek to find the best interpretation of God for ourselves. We have each elected to manifest here as Spiritual Beings in human form in order to garner lessons so that we may evolve into higher consciousness. As such, the road to Spirituality leads to a journey that takes place on the inside which ultimately becomes your physical reality.

You are part and parcel to the creative mind that thought up all there is.  It seeks to express Itself through you as you. In a spark of inspiration, you being one with the creative source conspired to have existence in your human form. It was  you, your inestimable self that moved within the infinite darkness and was stimulated to have being. The very thought of you coming into life form was acted upon by the radiance of creation and the stage was set for you to come forth. You are the Architect and the originator of your own destiny and you alone wield the key to your very existence through Creative  Intelligence as the Creator.

You have manifested into a physical being so that you may fully express your Divine consciousness through the pure and unadulterated source called Energy. You attract what you are and you feel most comfortable around other energetic Beings that are resonating on the same wave length as you are.  You are fashioned in the image and likeness of perpetual energy that can never be destroyed. Once you begin to raise your vibratory frequency, the caliber of your relationships will change, your income will increase exponentially and a whole new world of being will unfold right before your very eyes.


You are the everlasting manifestation of perfection being played out in a symphony of highs and lows. Your expansion ebbs and flows with the Oceans' tide. The Moon bathes itself in your radiance and the Sun burns at eleven thousand degrees Fahrenheit for you. The stars astronomically scintillate for you in the far reaches of the galaxy while the night sky envelopes your grandiosity. You are the highest of powers and there is none higher.  Be not afraid to shout out to the heavens that you are all there is and nothing is superior to the You that is Divine. In this reality, you become the undercurrent of all consciousness merging into the great I AM.