Dr. Peter C. Rogers, D.D., PhD.
"The truth is not out there somewhere...it's inside us!"

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"If you had known that there would be any truth to the notion that "the beginning of the journey starts at the end of a known road," would you have packed your bags and headed out into the unknown? For a few of us, the truth is something we are not willing to admit we don't know! For many, the truth is something we are not willing or able to handle. To avoid change within, we choose to live by another person's beliefs, faith, and religion ignoring what our truth is. All the time wondering why our life is filled with confusion, emptiness and questions. After reading Ultimate Truth: Book I, by Dr Peter C. Rogers, I realize that there's no need to travel any further than myself, to see the world in an entirely new light. Ironic, for some maybe. Personally gratifying? For me -- yes. World enlightening? I certainly hope so. For those of you who are searching for your truth, balance, and or validation, this book will show you, that you only have to open your eyes, mind and heart to see what truly matters lies within, for all the answers ...........are there."


Rev. Dr. Anne Frances Rose~
Director of The United Metaphysical Institute


"Dr. Peter C. Rogers, has taken the framing of our social and generational issues and brought about a solution for us all to follow. "ULTIMATE TRUTH: Book I" is inspiring and lends HOPE to our Future Generations. While combining the thoughts from a movement that began before the 60's, and his own personal experiences which mirror many of us in this reality,"ULTIMATE TRUTH:Book I " brings a view that will be used as a Guide for Living, to all citizens of EARTH!"

"No mater where you are in your life on the path of searching for spiritual truth , Dr Peter Rogers' "Ultimate Truth Book I" succinctly covers a plethora of spiritual perspectives. He shares his personal experience and years of research in searching for his truth while at the same time encouraging,  supporting, and guiding the reader  to becoming more conscious of their own unique truth." 


Kimberley Jaeger~
"Common Ground" WZLX CBS


"The concept of "Truth" would seem to be somewhat of an easy topic, but in all honesty, "Truth" is the most critical mass that the brain has to intensely process. Imagine the depth of ability when facing various forms of the "Truth". A majority of individuals would actually run for the hills, much rather than going head to toe with the direct "Truths" of existence. Dr. Peter C. Rogers, author of the book "Ultimate Truth, Book I" does a brilliant job at displaying the different levels of consciousness as a platform in breaking down and defining "Truth", but also provoking spiritual maintenance when comparing Spirituality opposed to the Diversity of Religion and Religious Beliefs. Interestingly, "Ultimate Truth Book I" also discusses the predictions of December 21, 2012, but you would just have to read it for further discussions...In summary, "Ultimate Truth, Book I" is composed of "Out-of-the-Box" creativity leading up to a fulfillment of self-reflection. This is a must buy book for any audience."

Ms. Tawanna Thierry

Radio & Talkshow GenXTalksUrNews


“The only way that an individual, nations or planet can be transformed, is to receive the Truth from the Divine Source. This tremendous book shatters the false sense of power and truth from the collective consciousness of doctrines and dogmas and reveals the TRUTH which will cause a shift from the old paradigm into the New World Paradigm, which will provide an equal planetary experience for everybody. This book provides tools whereby people can be the change that they are looking for. The vibration of Ultimate Truth: Book I, by Dr. Peter C. Rogers,  comes from a pristine place, within the writer who has done his spiritual practices and has become a channel for the Universal Mind to download spiritual technologies for the advancement of man/womankind and the well being of this planet”…………….

Bishop Leroy Martin~
Unviversal Triumph International Spiritual Center


"The content is perfect. I felt like you were talking directly to me. I realized we share some parallels in our life path. The information is easy to relate to and comprehend. I like your writing style. The suggestions and insights are practical, easy to apply and relate to. I see thousands gaining a great benefit from this book and I eagerly await the opportunity to finish reading the book. As a woman in recovery it is important to align self with spirit, to gain a clear concept that is not threatening or fearful. You have provided the open door for any woman to walk through and feel safe, comfortable and supported. Thank you Peter."

Connie S. Kirkpatrick
A Spiritual Paradigm

“In the truest sense of the word, Dr. Peter C. Rogers is an educator because that is precisely what his energy represents. In his books, he presents a primer for the sincere seeker to pursue higher consciousness. At the transition of the Ages, this is a critical need because humanity is being presented with an opportunity to ascend to 5th dimensional consciousness. Following the precepts laid out in his books will enable that ascension. You are the test case. Remember and believe that it is all possible.”

Michael L. Kilday
Award-winning Author of
Truth Never Changes: Earth Changes, The Genesis of the Path and A Yippie's Lament

“Outstanding! This is the knowledge WE all need; the wisdom that will help us use our heads, thoughts, and actions to get what we desire! Absolutely wonderful; spiritual consciousness at its best! The introduction alone left me awe-struck, as I have been studying these principles for the past 5 years and my life is more positive, more goal-oriented; with the understanding that I create my own reality with my thoughts. At KRST Unity Center of AfRaKan Spiritual Science, we say: "Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind", and this is exactly what Dr. Peter is trying to tell us. Thank you... I love reading that which enlightens me. I understand that we are spiritual beings, living in a spiritual universe. I now understand that the universe answers our calls, so we have to be careful what we ask for.....Ashe...Ashe...Ashe!”                                                                                                                           


                                                                                                                                       Iris Esinam, Ph.D. Candidate

                                                       KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science Center Member


"Bravo! I finished the first 10 chapters of 100 Disciplines to Higher Consciousness and it left me wanting more and craving the forthcoming chapters like a kid in a candy shop...A blessing indeed which spurs one to further examination, introspection, determination and inspiration. To incorporate and implement these disciplines, will balance all aspects of our inner and outer worlds which will lead us to a true divine and meaningful purpose aimed towards full spiritual and soul meaning that begins the process of new and positive experiences continuously. Your words are divinely inspired...finished the chapter on Acceptance...the veil has been lifted and I am seeing myself and my path more clearly by eliminating blame and realizing this is what I chose for myself. To give so I shall receive...Thanks again...the reading continues...more feedback to come....Thanks again...you have shed much light with 10 chapters...I can only imagine what else is in store..."

                                                                                                                                Richard Marquez

                                                                                                                                  Los Angeles, CA


“I love to read & have been selected to be a part of a special test group to review “100 Disciplines to Higher Consciousness: a Conclusive Synopsis on Spiritual Principles" by Dr. Peter C. Rogers D.D., Ph.D. and so far this book is one of the best I've ever read. Wow. When it releases I will let you know, for those that are interested...”


                                                                                                                                    Michelle Perata

                                                                                       Agape International Spiritual Center Member


“I have been an avid reader since 1979. I have read hundreds of spiritual books and I was given the honor of reading 100 Disciplines to Higher Consciousness: A Conclusive Synopsis on Spiritual Principles by Dr. Peter C. Rogers. I am qualified to say that this book without a doubt will change many lives. It is insightful, it is pure consciousness, it is deep, it is truth, it is light.....it is one of the most magnificent books I have EVER read!!!!! I would read one chapter and say, “Okay, this one is my favorite!!!” and then I would read the next and say the same thing. Thank you Dr. Peter for being in my life....thank you for giving me the pleasure of reading this book.....please keep me posted on any book signings you will be doing. I will be front and center and ready to purchase many books....the entire world needs to read your artistry..... You inspire me so much....you are a true author.....I love your artistry.......” Love & Light, Tawnya


                                                                                                                                     Tawnya Dawn

                                                                             Author, Divine Inspirations: From My Soul to Yours

“Dr. Rogers' newest book took me on yet another powerful journey within that was cleverly laid out in a way that appeals to my hungry desire to understand not only my life’s purpose or path, but helps me identify how the application of these 100 disciplines can align me with the Universe. Once again I am reminded that in order for my higher consciousness to operate properly it needs a daily maintenance and regular At-one-ment. This book is not simply a compilation of information; it is a work of art for the soul, spirit and our inner map. Dr. Rogers has provided us with an epic preparation into the ascension of higher consciousness. Phenomenal! A must have for those seeking the wisdom.”


                                                                                                                              Zoe Rodriguez, RH

                                                                                                               Holistic Minister/Reiki Master


“…Dr. Peter C. Rogers, D.D., Ph.D. is one of the few teachers that I trust and allow into my garden. Since the spoken language or written word is a fraction of what I'd like to convey in this review of 100 Disciplines to Higher Consciousness: A Conclusive Synopsis on Spiritual Principles, I simply ask that you read it… Each word, every syllable and every letter contains a vibrational energy that Dr. Rogers so eloquently expresses by opening his spirit and becoming a vessel for higher consciousness… I have learned from the Master himself in the embodiment of Dr. Rogers… I am honored that his teachings have crossed my path and I am looking forward to having this book on my night table…”

                                                                                                                                 Janet P. Caldwell

                                                                                                         COO Inner Child Enterprises, Ltd


“I could very easily express to you the grandeur and magnificence of this work 100 Disciplines, but I do not believe I can totally impress upon you the magnitude without sharing with you the dynamic soul behind the many revelatory passages contained herein. Dr. Rogers aka Peter is first and foremost a seeker who possesses an impassioned drive to discover Self and the innate characteristics that comprises who we are. Like most of us, he too has asked the age old question of “Why am I Here?” In his diligent seeking accompanied by his admirable acuity, we are blessed by the insights he has gathered. Not only was he able to transform his own life, but also the lives of all those who have an ear to listen. I celebrate his light soul and feel inordinately blessed to have encountered his persona as I travel this “Life Path” of my own.”

                                                                                                                          William S. Peters, Sr.

                                                                                                               Inner Child Enterprises, Ltd

“…I've been a fan of Dr. Peter C. Rogers ever since I read Ultimate Truth: Book I and Universal Truth: Thinking outside the Box: Book II, both of which aided me tremendously in my spiritual growth and understanding of metaphysics. In his new book, 100 Disciplines to Higher Consciousness: A Conclusive Synopsis on Spiritual Principles, Dr. Rogers takes his previous work to another level by helping its readers attain the necessary discipline to stay on the path of spiritual enlightenment. The acronyms are astounding and thought provoking! As an Astrologer and Spiritual Entrepreneur, I really appreciate the energy of this book. Therefore, 100 Disciplines to Higher Consciousness serves a great purpose in aiding humanity in developing the discipline necessary for spiritual growth…”

LaFaye Farrar
                                                                                                          Astrologer & Clairvoyant
                                                                      Author of Twin Flames ~ Journey to Divine Partnership