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"The truth is not out there somewhere...it's inside us!"
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Workshop on the planet, bar none.

Perhaps, most fascinating, is that the genesis of this work shop dates back more than 100 years. The original writings, available only through referrals from one person to another, were a closely guarded best seller in Europe for decades -- a century ago! They were considered essential, secret wisdom teachings amongst, primarily, only the very wealthy -- a tangible testament to the worth of the esoteric techniques disclosed. And, if one examines even further the origins of the material, they will discover that many of the secrets in it date back to King Solomon's day.

This work shop is comprised of a number of teachings that hold the key, in fact, the master keys, to accessing the greatest power, knowledge, and riches. It captures the essence of ancient principles and universal truths that will unleash an unstoppable force within anyone who studies these techniques. Charles Haanel captured the essence of these teachings in The Master Key System. If you are a student of human potential, you will find it interesting that almost every modern-day self-development-guru uses some part of this system as the foundation for their book, program, tapes, or seminars. When you discover the universal truths, you can't re-write them. They remain constant throughout all of mankind.

Napoleon Hill, who was considered to be the pioneer in the self-attainment field, wrote a letter thanking Haanel for these principles. Charles Haanel studied and researched these secrets and keys to mastering the Universe. He took his knowledge and put it together into a twenty-four part educational correspondence course that became The Master Key System. He began to share these findings with some of the world's wealthiest people sending them a new section of the course on a weekly basis. These wealthy people were so impressed with the findings that they begged Charles not to go public with The Master Key System. Charles did decide to publish the system in book format; however, he NEVER intended for it to be for the general public. Copies of Haanel's original book are rarely found today.

How can these Old World teachings of the past centuries remain so relevant today? Because they go far beyond the walls of circumstance and time, and they reach deep into the heart of the creating of one's quality of life. In this work-shop you will discover the unchanged, age-old, fundamental principles that govern our future and make all the difference in the degree of success achieved -- or forfeited.

Many of today's success experts explore the periphery of these principles, but only in this course will you find such laser-like precision in setting forth the profound principles and requirements for acquiring and sustaining wealth, health, and happiness - starting NOW. Some believe that The Master Key System is the book that Bill Gates read just before leaving Harvard to start his own computer software business, which made him the wealthiest man in the world.


This work-shop is based on the principles contained in The Master Key System which holds the secret of a powerful system of success, and was used by the author, Charles F. Haanel to amass his own mega-fortune through the starting of his own company, which he built into one of the largest conglomerates of his time.

The Master Key System, which was originally published in 1912, sold over 200,000 copies before it was banned by the church in 1933 and was then lost to the public for some seventy years. The best selling book and DVD 'The Secret,' by Rhonda Byrne was inspired by Charles Haanel.

The Master Key System lays down the foundation of the principles of creative manifestation through the Law of Attraction, the Law of Love, and the Law of Growth, as Haanel understood them. In this intensive work-shop, you will learn how to develop and use the creative instrument of your mind—creating true abundance in your life and opening up to the limitless possibilities of the truly creative life.

1st Class

l, to r top row; Zoe Rodriguez, Antonio Contreras, and Frank Duran. Bottom row l,to r Noor Singh, Jennifer Richardson, Milka Meharena and Maurice Collins. Not shown: Jennifer Emmert, Cheryl Smith and Jorge Piedra.


"Thank you Dr. Peter, I'm finding out more each day just how special I really am. Your work has made a difference in my life.The results are yet to be seen, although you will remain within a close distance to see the fruits of your labor manifesting in the lives of those you have touched, including myself. I have already learned a great deal from the discussions in your workshop and your book but look forward to reaping the rewards once I have completed both."

"The Power to manifest my own destiny...Nuff Said!"

Zoe Rodriguez, Culver City, CA


"Thank you for the time and effort you put into the work you are doing with us and in your life. When you present your whole being transforms into the passion that is your work. It is such a blessing to be a part of this. I am already working on a couple of people to take this course. The meditation tonight was especially effective and I reached a higher state of consciousness than I ever have."

"Finally, Confirmation...I know the Truth!"

Jennifer Richardson, Long BeachCA

"This workshop was inspirational and it elevates the mind." Waho Jio!

Antonio Contreras


"Life has a whole new meaning now"

Milka Meharena


"The Master Key System workshop revealed to me more of the ancient wisdom which is locked within my Divine body, mind and spirit"

Noor Singh


"Exhilarating... I now know that God and Science are one in the same"

Frank Duran



"Manifestation of thought is the key!"

Maurice Collins



"This class explained concepts that I have studied before but did not fully understand. My spiritual understanding has grown and my life is truly enriched."

Emily Miller

Long Beach, California

"I now understand the world around me in a much deeper way than ever before"

Richard Mercado

Downey, California


Next Class To Be Announced

Days: Mon & Thurs

Time: 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Where: Historic Community Service Room 5373 E. 2nd Street, Long Beach CA 90803

Length: 6 Weeks, 24 hours

Tuition: $89.95 includes all course materials, tuition, completion certificate and an autographed copy of Ultimate Truth: Book I.


Limited spaces available

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